Bradleez Cartoons is an animation company that provides award winning animation for clients worldwide. Some of the services provided are: Animated commercials, E-cards, Animation for television broadcast, Storyboarding, Character design, Character animation, Illustrative design, Animation for iphone games, Animated music videos, and much more. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Bradleez Cartoons has been providing fun and professional animation for over 10 years and continues to grow artistically and skillfully. I can provide outstanding client feedback from many satisfied customers worldwide. If you want fun, creative, and unique animation for your company, look no further. I look foward to new clients and I'm eager to work closely with clients to achieve fantastic results. Thanks for visiting!"

Fun E-Cards
I've worked with "Stvdio Media Animation" on over 50 e-cards for various e-card companies. I enjoy creating short stories, so e-cards are a great way to tell a short story in a fun and useful manner. I'm an independent short film maker at heart and I look foward to making more interesting e-cards for all ages to enjoy.
Expose your company
Animated commercials are a great way a company can promote their services and products. Having printed words doesn't have the impact or humour that an animated cartoon would provide. The most exiting aspect of a cartoon is that you are not limited to anything. A live action commercial needs actors and a crew, but a cartoon can have not only funny cartoon actors, but wild and crazy monsters, aliens, giants, dwarfs, and even non-living objects that could be animated to drive your point across. If you can imagine it, it can be done!

This is an independent film about a day dreaming beaver.

This film won for "Best Short Film" at "Cineme International Animation Film Festival" in Chicago. The judges were from all the major studios: "Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Dreamworks."