My freelance career started after graduating High School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After experimenting with many different fields of art including window painting, airbrush, and cartooning, I discovered the amazing art of animation. I took a classical animation course in Calgary where I excelled creatively and artistcally. Soon after receiving my degree, I began to create short animated films. One particular film entitled "Hate Mail" was awarded "Best Short Film" in Chicago's "Cineme International Animation Film Festival". I was extremely honored considering the judges were from Disney, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, and Cartoon Network. Shortly after, I decided to combine my passion for animation with other fields of art and start my own freelance business called "Bradleez Cartoons". I continue to provide fun and professional art work with a growing client list world wide. Thanks, Brad




"His work is brilliant, responsive, done on time and he has inherent sense of humour that reveals his awesome attitude while doing great work. I have reference letters that I received from his other clients that were filled with immense praise."
Roy Howard-Musician
New York, New York.

"Brad has everything it takes as an animator. Fine traditional 2D animation skills, great character design, brilliant sense of comic timing, and a confident mastery of Adobe Flash. On top of everything else, he's one of the fastest animators I know, so when I work with him I know I'll never miss a deadline. Even though he's half way around the world, I've trusted Brad to take the lead on projects as small as e-cards and as large as an entire half an hour TV pilot episode."
Larry Feign-Producer/ Director
Stvdio Media Animation
Hong Kong

"Brad is a cartoon talent to be reckoned with and a complete professional to boot. He understood what I was trying to achieve with my DVD/ TV project and was able to deliver quality artistic results in a timely fashion. If you are after someone to turn ideas into an animated visual feast for the eye, you've come to the right place. This guy is the best."
Peter Weatherall-Producer/ Musician
New Zealand

This is an independent film about a day dreaming beaver.

This film won for "Best Short Film" at "Cineme International Animation Film Festival" in Chicago. The judges were from all the major studios: "Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Dreamworks."